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Whether you are following Weston A. Price Foundation principles, on the Paleo Diet,  looking to connect with your local Missouri farmer, or trying to find nutritious and delicious foods for your family, our grassfed beef can help you do just that. We are located 30 minutes NE of downtown Kansas City off highway 35 at 18325 Bogue Road, Holt, MO 64048.  Honk your horn if you see us out on pasture!

As we describe on our Farm Blog, we raise Katahdin Hair Sheep and Grass Genetic Cattle on pasture year round.  They graze diverse natural pastures from April to November.  Once the northern cold air rolls in, the grass stops growing, so the livestock enjoy stockpiled forage from the growing season and unrolled hay on the nastiest of  winter days.

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Grassfed Beef Kansas CityWhether you want up to be the first to know availability of our grassfed lamb or grass finished beef, which is delivered to your doorstep in Kansas City, or you’d like to sign up for a Farm Tour, complete the contact form below and we’ll get right back to you!  And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


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