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We are on a mission to foster a food culture centered on local farm meat from animals raised on diverse natural pastures.  In short, we aim to reconnect animals with the land, and people with their food.  Together we can create a rich, local food culture.  

These are the members of our Missouri Farm who are dedicated to producing local farm meat for you.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Derek and Catherine

Owners of Grace’s Grass Fed

We purchased the farm in 2019, based in Holt, Missouri (northeast of Kansas City).  Our mission is to raise animals on diverse natural pastures allowing you to play a role in shaping the world our children will inherit.

We are fiercely proud of what we do at Grace’s Grass Fed and believe farms should operate with full transparency. You have an open invitation to come see our Missouri farm, meet our family, and participate in our local farm tours.

Mary Grace

Regenerative Grazer

My parents tell me that I’m their motivation and the “why” to Grace’s Grass Fed.   My mom still calls me her “little girl” but I’m getting big and really enjoy helping execute the grazing rotation plan for the sheep flock.  Autism is a label that confines most but I’m in my element in wide open spaces on the farm.  There isn’t a mud puddle big or small that wouldn’t entertain me for hours.


“I Cut Brush”

We cut brush, drive posts, run wire, trench water lines, move fences, fill minerals, feed dogs, unroll hay……..I’m tired, I need to sit down and rest, “Dad, sheep are hard work!”


The Napster

I like to think of myself as the director of naps.  Keep me on a routine and I’ll happily ride along.


Top Dog

Hi, I’m the first full time employee at Grace’s Grass Fed and leader of the sheep flock.  Some days I forget that I’m second in command but every coyote north of Kansas City knows I’m the “Top Dog”.


Mama Bear

I’m the mamma bear of the sheep flock and never leave the lambs without my watchful eye.  Ralph says I need to quit acting like a sheep but someone has to be the responsible dog.


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