Just a few years ago we’d never dreamed of raising our own food or worried about how it was produced. We were like so many other newlyweds fresh out of college, with corporate jobs, living in our suburban Kansas City HOA community.  Then, like many of our friends, it was time to expand our family.

I am sure you have heard the stories……the stories of Autism Prevalence in the United States rising to 1 in 44 in 2021.  Our first born, Mary Grace, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) level 3 at the age of 5.  At first the diagnosis felt like a curse to our family.

Was the cause genetic?

Some factor during pregnancy?

Our environment?


The industrial food supply?


The medical community left us with more questions than answers…

The consensus we found is that kids on the spectrum don’t detox from environmental toxins and clean healthy eating is imperative.  We turned that knowledge into a blessing and decided to buy the farm.

We could have joined a CSA or continued to support our local farmer’s market.  That would have developed a relationship with a farmer we could trust, but we wanted much more. We wanted to be a change agent, for the land, for the animals and for the people who were tired of not knowing what is in their food or how it is produced. 

So we dove in head first, and started our 1st generation pastured farm journey.  “Grace’s Grass Fed” is born to offer Missouri Craft Meat, grass fed lamb and grass finished beef.  Now, 4 years later, we know it was the right decision for Mary Grace and our community. Mary Grace thrives in open spaces, lives for the animals, enjoys the great outdoors and craves lean, pasture-raised meats. She’s now 11 and the combination of eating a nutrient dense diet, while taking her natural supplements have begun the path to recovery. 

We also know that farming isn’t something that everyone can do.  So we’re thrilled to be here as your farmer while you’re there as our doctor, mechanic, teacher, or police officer. 

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