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Pasture raised meats place livestock across local landscapes spreading the impact on the environment.  When production stays regional the carbon footprint is reduced and the local community thrives.

Our katahdin hair sheep and grass genetic cattle are rotated on Missouri pasture which allows them to graze and lounge on fresh grass.  This spreads the manure (we call it fertilizer) across the landscape which allows the grass and forbs to grow back stronger, capturing more solar energy. 

The bugs, grubs, and earthworms cycle the organic matter and aerate the soil, capture rainwater and move minerals in the soil profile.


We lamb on pastures in sync with nature.  The five month gestation period starts in December matching the ewes’ most fertile window as the shortest day of the year approaches.  This means lambing mid-may in Missouri when the energy profile of the forage matches the nutritional requirements of the ewe.  The baby lambs grow up and romp on pasture all summer matching the natural cycles of native wildlife.

Pasture raised meat makes for happy healthy animals who produce delicious nutrient dense food.  So we have one question for you.

Does your family crave pasture raised meat?


Grass Fed - rotationally grazed, humanely raised

  • Planned grazing to mimic nature’s migration
  • Land carrying capacity = Humane harvesting
  • Capturing Carbon | Building Soil

Beyond Organic - transparent, regenerative

  • GMO-free: No confusing claims or labeling tricks
  • Fresh Air, Clean Water, Healthy Plants, Healthy Animals
  • Diverse plants produce nutrient-dense meat

Drug Free - no antibiotics, no hormones

  • Natural Pastures: No pesticides or fungicides
  • Free choice minerals
  • No animal by-products
  • No hormones

Local - Convenient, Community

  • Behind-the-scenes farm tours
  • Community inspection > regulators label
  • Reduced carbon footprint

We Offer Food Security: Access to safe and nutritious meat


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